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Marketing SEO


The term SEO comes from the English Search Engine Optimization (Optimization for search engines). Its function is to generate more traffic from the search engines, obtaining the best possible positioning results for certain keywords. This is achieved by implementing the content and code of the pages.


The SEM comes from the English Search Engine Marketing (Marketing in Search Engines or Search Engines). It is based on PPC campaigns (pay per click) through tools such as Google AdWords (the most widely used), Yahoo or MSN, among others. It is based on the payment of a previously established amount for each click that is made on your ad. Its function is to get many visits in a fast way that can be transformed into income.

Marketing SEM
Marketing SMM


The SMM is about Social Media Marketing (Marketing in Social Media). This term may sound more familiar to us, since it is a type of booming marketing that arose along with web 2.0 and the boom of social networks. It is based on bidirectional communication between the company and customers or potential customers. A community or group of followers is created, information and opinions, opinions, etc. are received. Advertising campaigns are created based on the needs of users and the results are measured to adapt the actions to follow.


The SMO comes from the term Social Media Optimization (Optimization of Social Media). They are the strategies to follow to make the web more social and make it easier for you to share, follow you on social networks and connect. In this way we generate more traffic by recommendations.

Marketing SMO