Certificates of professionalism in Information Technology and Communications

IFC Professional Family

IT and communications

Professional area – Development

Professional area - Development

Level Code Certificates of Professionalism – Development Duration
2 IFCD0110 Development and Publication of Web Pages 560h
3 IFCD0111 Programming in structured languages of management applications 700h
3 IFCD0112 Programming with Object-Oriented Languages and Relational Databases 710h
3 IFCD0210 Development of Applications with Web Technologies 590h
3 IFCD0211 Information Management Systems 590h

Professional area – Communications

Professional area - Communications

Level Code Certificates of Professionalism – Development Duration
2 IFCM0110 Operations in Voice and Data Communications Systems 550h
3 IFCM0111 Maintenance of the Second Level of Radiocommunication Systems 680h
2 IFCM0210 Maintenance of First Level in Radiocommunication Systems 580h
3 IFCM0310 Management of Voice and Data Networks 610h
3 IFCM0410
Management and Supervision of Alarms in Communications Networks

Professional area – Systems and Telematics

Professionalism Certificate - Branch Systems and Networks

Level Code Certificates of Professionalism – Development Duration
1 IFCT0108 Auxiliary Operations of Assembly and Maintenance of Microcomputer Systems 370h
3 IFCT0109 Informatic security 500h
2 IFCT0110 Operation of Departmental Networks 530h
2 IFCT0209 Microcomputer Systems 600h
2 IFCT0210 Operation of Computer Systems 600h
2 IFCT0309 Assembly and Repair of Microcomputer Systems 510h
3 IFCT0310 Administration of Databases 650h
3 IFCT0409 Implementation and Management of Computer Elements in Domotic / Inmotic Systems, Access Control and Presence, and Video Surveillance 540h
3 IFCT0410 Administration and Design of Departmental Networks 610h
3 IFCT0509 Internet Services Administration 590h
3 IFCT0510 Management of Computer Systems 500h
3 IFCT0609 Computer Systems Programming 590h
3 IFCT0610 Administration and Programming in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management Systems 680h